Northern Territory earnings as cattle producers.

NT earnings _edited-1Source of this information is from government DPI who allowed me information on only cattle that were produced on Northern Territory properties and their destinations through traceing of waybills. As can be seen some years more animals went to live export than processing in other states some years more were processed.

I used DAFF figures of $FOB of all stock through the ports to estimate a figure of the NT only live export animals and the slaughter/backgrounded I used a very basic value of $1.50 after costs of transport as a value per kg back on property.



MLA’s objective setting structure

This is from a Feedback magazine 2010.

MLA 001Source Feedback May 2010

The broad focus and direction of the meat and livestock industry is provided by the ‘Meat Industry Strategic plan 2010-2015’ developed and endorsed by the industry peak councils.

Red meat Industry structure

NTCA 001Source – NTCA Conference – Darwin 2012.

Industry Structures considering national representation of the livestock production/processing sector

Livestock Export Sea Mortalities – Sheep

All information is correlated from  DAFF export trade Mortalities – 2000 to 2013.

Sheep chart end 2013 17.02.2014c_edited-1

Chart 1. Livestock export sea mortalities Sheep 2000 – 2013.

Livestock Export Sea Mortalities – Buffalo

All information is correlated from  DAFF export trade Mortalities – 2000 to 2013.

Buffalo chart. 2013. 17.02.2014_edited-1

Chart 1. Livestock export sea mortalities Buffalo 2000 – 2013.

Livestock Export Sea Mortalities – Cattle

All information is correlated from  DAFF export trade Mortalities – 2000 to 2013.

Cattle chart. end 2013. 17.02.14._edited-1

Chart 1. Livestock export sea mortalities Cattle 2000 – 2013.

Distribution of Australian cattle exported to Indonesia

This chart shows the traditional wet markets and meat manufacturers purchase of Australian lot-fed cattle in Indonesia.


distribution of beef from cattle imports _edited-1

Source – Northern Australian beef Industry – Gleeson. May 2012

Distribution of beef from Australian cattle imports in Indonesia

Government support to Australian Agriculture

“Over the 2008-10 period, New Zealand had the lowest level of support to farm receipts (PSE %), at just 1% of farm income, followed by Australia (3.2%), and Chile (4%). The United States (9%), Israel and Mexico (12%) and Canada (16%)”1

subsidies 2011. edited-1

Chart 1. Information Source ‘Agricultural subsidies’ The Economist 22.09.2012
Australian Agriculture subsidies most recent 2009/2011

Note – Subsidies seem to be reported bi-annually.

2008/2010 Australian Agricultural subsidies were 3.2%4

Dairy sector restructure scheme ($203M – 7.7%) were in place in 2009/2010.2

Farm subsidies includes fuel tax credits, introduced in 2006 which make up 33% (2009) of farm subsidy support , this scheme was available to all sectors of the economy and not agriculture specific.2

Exceptional circumstances made up 28.7% of governments $2.65B support in 20083

2001/2003. Australian agricultural subsidies were 4% ( $US 0.9B)2

1995/1997. Australian agricultural subsidies were 5.8%4


  1. ‘Australia still at the bottom when it comes to farm subsidies’ Farm Institute 23.09.2011
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  3. ‘Western farm subsidies rising, Australia’s falling’ News Weekly 03.07.2004
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Northern Live cattle export regions

LE Map 001

Source – ABARES survey of beef cattle Producers in Northern live cattle export regions, July 2011 Page 3

Farm businesses with greater than 100 head in northern live cattle export regions.

Northern Queensland                     1110

Northern Western Australia            179

Northern Territory                             170

Total Northern Australia                1459

Competition for the ‘worker’

It is very difficult for a primary producer and other enterprises to match the wages and opportunities offered by the mining sector.

LE 2012 004